Infiltration into a Seasonally Frozen Soil and Modeling of Soil Freezing and Thawing Phenomena

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Tekijä Karvonen, Tuomo; Lemmelä, Risto; Sucksdorff, Y.
Sarja Proceedings of International Seminar on Land Drainage
DOI/ISBN-numero 951-753-859-6
Päivämäärä 1986
Avainsanat frozen soil, infiltration, modeling, soil moisture content, thawing
Rahoitus Drainage Foundation
Organisaatio Finnish Field Drainage Center
Sivut 324 - 347
Kieli englanti

The process of soil freezing and thawing is described. Soil temperature, total soil moisture content and infiltration into a frozen sandy soil were measured at an experimental field station. A new method for solving the combined mass and heat balance equations was developed. The method is based on diving the total energy into latent and sensible fractions so that the functional relationship between unfrozen water content and soil temperature is fulfilled. The model was tested against the results obtained at the experimental station.