Computers in surveying and drainage design

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Tekijä Karvonen, T.
Sarja Proceedings of International Seminar on Land Drainage 9.-11.7. 1986 Helsinki, Finland
DOI/ISBN-numero 951-753-859-6
Päivämäärä 1984
Avainsanat computer-based drainage design
Organisaatio Finnish Field Drainage Centre / Salaojakeskus
Sivut s. 233-245
Kieli englanti
Saatavuus Computers in surveying and drainage design

A new surveying technique to be used in obtaining the data for subsurface drainage plan is described. Benefits and drawbacks of the system are listed. The more irregular the field the better the new system is compared with traditional surveying methods. A computer-based drainage design system is presented. The greatest time-savings can be achieved when compling the materials cataloque and calculating costs.