Evaluation of RUSLE2015 erosion model for boreal conditions

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Tekijä Lilja, H.; Hyväluoma, J.; Puustinen, M.; Uusi-Kämppä, J.; Turtola, E.
Sarja Geoderma Regional
DOI/ISBN-numero doi.org/10.1016/j.geodrs.2017.05.003
Päivämäärä 2017
Avainsanat Boreal, erosion, Experimental fields, RUSLE2015, Stagnosols
Sivut s. 77-84
Volyymi Vol 10
Kieli englanti
Saatavuus Evaluation of RUSLE2015 erosion model for boreal conditions

Recently published RUSLE2015 erosion model for Europe allows easy and effective production of erosion maps with GIS. However, RUSLE2015 can be considered scientifically controversial because the assessments have not been based on model simulation or field survey. In this work, we evaluated and adjusted the model using the best available data from six long-term experimental fields in Finland. The model performance was systematically better after some optimizations on C factor were made and the obtained results were mostly realistic. In boreal conditions grass and no-till tillage practices may have lesser protective influence on erosion than expected in RUSLE2015. The results were controversial for more exposed soil treatments. This might be explained by freezing-thawing and snowmelt erosion, which affect more on bare soil. The splash-dominated soil detachment on Finnish soils is rather low and thus the R-factor cannot fully explain the detachment of particles especially in clayey soils. More research is needed to strengthen the reliability of R and C factors.